“Can Common Plants Cure Sleep Apnea?”

Introducing the Definitive Guide to Herbal Therapy for Sleep Apnea!


From the Desk of:
Marc MacDonald, M.Sc.
Independent Sleep Apnea Researcher


Dear Fellow Sleep Apnea Sufferer,

Did you know that there are herbal therapies that can greatly reduce sleep apnea symptoms and cure insomnia?

It’s true! And I have irrefutable proof that people just like you have overcome their sleep apnea (and insomnia) by using safe, easily-available herbal treatments.

No need for surgery or expensive equipment that only treat the symptoms of sleep apnea, not the underlying cause!

Introducing: Cure Your Sleep Apnea With Herbs

The Definitive Guide to Herbal Therapy for Sleep Apnea!

1) A 23-page ebook containing the most comprehensive information on herbal therapies for sleep apnea and insomnia available anywhere. In this ebook you’ll discover:

  • Common (and uncommon!) natural, plant-based sleep aids
  • Natural remedies that help sleep apnea respiratory symptoms
  • The best non-addictive sleep supplements
  • The best sleep supplements to prevent grogginess when you wake up
  • Sleep supplement that are the most effective
  • Detailed instructions on where to buy these supplements (online and in stores)
  • And much more!

2) A 30-minute interview with expert herbalist Steven Frank. In the interview with Steven you’ll learn:

  • How Steven “stumbled onto” the cause of his sleep apnea (you’ve never heard this interpretation before!)
  • The simple combination of herbs that cured Steven’s sleep apnea
  • what Steven thinks of the sleep apnea “industry”, and what it’s hiding from you
  • And more!


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How Can Herbs Cure My Sleep Apnea and Insomnia?

In people with obstructive sleep apnea (the most common form of sleep apnea), airflow to the lungs is blocked because the airway has collapsed or is obstructed during sleep.

Herbs can help with airway obstruction in numerous ways:

  • Reducing inflammation of the respiratory tract, tonsils, and so on, leading to a clearer airway which helps with OSA.
  • Decreasing resistance in the upper airway
  • Calming the nervous system

Proof That Herbs Can Cure Sleep Apnea and Insomnia

Here are just two studies that have found a strong link between herbal therapy and obstructive sleep apnea:

But Wait! There’s More!

When you buy Cure Your Sleep Apnea With Herbs you’ll also get this amazing bonus (this bonus is a perfect complement to Cure Your Sleep Apnea With Herbs, and has been designed to give you a complete health package):

FREE BONUS #1! “Food, Allergies, and Sleep Apnea” ebook – Valued at $27.00

What we eat and the allergies we have can have a big impact on our sleep apnea. This no-fluff, 12-page ebook explains the relationship between food, allergies, and sleep apnea, and covers these topics in detail:

  • Foods that make sleep apnea worse
  • Foods that can help reduce sleep apnea symptoms
  • How allergies can contribute to sleep apnea
  • Solutions to reduce or eliminate your allergies
  • General measures to prevent allergies
  • And much more!


My 60-Day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

My 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll love my ebook “Cure Your Sleep Apnea With Herbs”, I’m happy to offer your a no-hassles 60-day money-back guarantee!

If my ebook doesn’t knock your socks off, just send me a quick email saying “Refund, please!” and I’ll happily return your money!

YES, Marc! I want to take my health into my own hands. I’m ready to dive into Cure Your Sleep Apnea With Herbs!

I understand that I will get the Cure Your Sleep Apnea With Herbs ebook and MP3 interview with expert herbalist Steven Frank AND the free ebook Food, Allergies, and Sleep Apnea.


For Only $27!

Praise for My Other Products:

““My obstructive sleep apnea was destroying my life and my marriage. My wife couldn’t sleep and we ended up in separate bedrooms.

The snoring was an issue true enough-but she couldn’t sleep next to me out of fear. She honestly thought I was going to pass away in my sleep and hated the CPAP machine as much as I did. My GP suggested seeing a speech language pathologist. Well, I have to admit I had my reservations but I’m so glad I went. I would never stop my oropharyngeal exercises. I started doing them 4 times daily and now do them twice daily. I do a series of 8 exercises.

My snoring has all but stopped now and I’m not gasping for breath as I was, my wife and I now share the same bed once again.

The CPAP machine has become redundant and now lives in the back of our wardrobe! My advice to anyone, young or old, no matter how long you’ve been a sufferer for, go along to your GP and enquire about seeing a speech language pathologist. The oropharyngeal exercises are such a natural ‘treatment’ compared to the CPAP mask, they are well worth the effort.

My apnea has been reduced by approximately 70-80% since completing the exercises regularly.””

Mike, aged 67, Kent, UK